TAG: 50 Things That Make Me Happy

Fall Road Trip

Okay, so technically no one tagged me in this. But I saw it on Xandra’s blog and it looks like fun so I decided to do it! Sometimes we just need to sit down and think about the things that make us happy. Here’s 50 things that make me happy!! Line-break-small-02

  1. Reading (duh!)
  2. Watching a ridiculous amount of Netflix
  3. Knitting
  4. College (when it doesn’t cause too much anxiety)
  5. My friends
  6. My family
  7. My animals
  8. Musicals
  9. Disney movies
  10. Marvel movies
  11. That one feeling of being on the edge of your seat because of a book
  12. Thunderstorms
  13. Flowers
  14. Long drives at night
  15. Used book stores
  16. Listening to music I loved as a teenager
  17. Recommending books I loved as a child to children
  18. Travelling
  19. Pasta
  20. Documentaries
  21. Sitcoms
  22. Cold weather (but not snow!!)
  23. Libraries
  24. Sleeping in late
  25. Blogging ❤
  26. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon
  27. Freshly painted fingernails
  28. Driving through the mountains
  29. Concerts
  30. Tattoos
  31. The smell of rain
  32. Making people smile
  33. House plants
  34. Capybaras (THEY’RE SO ODDLY CUTE OMG)
  35. Embalming (yeah I know it’s weird, but it does make me happy to be in the prep room)
  36. Helping people through their grief when someone they love has died (which is why I’m in funeral directing school)
  37. Candles (usually the ‘manly’ scents.)
  38. Going to the drive in theater
  39. Fields of sunflowers
  40. Board/card games (they’re seriously underrated)
  41. Receiving handwritten letters
  42. Sleepy but serious conversations with friends
  43. Old vines
  44. Pizza
  45. The smell of hardware stores. (I think it’s the wood??)
  46. Making good grades
  47. Antique stores
  48. Finding clothes that fit perfectly
  49. Discovering new music
  50. Road trips


This was way harder than I thought it would be!! But I had a lot of fun with it!

I’m going to tag: SusanTaylorLiaHeather – Meeghan



5 thoughts on “TAG: 50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I would imagine it is hard. Not sure I can come up with 5 right now. But I’ll do my best! Thanks for tagging me. How about of some of them were things that would make me happy if they happened?


  2. CAPYBARAS!!!!!!!!! I love them. I’m so, so jealous of the people who keep them as pets, they look like so much fun!

    SUPER cool that you’re in funeral directing school! I have a friend who wanted to do that but never got the chance. It really takes a special, wonderful person to help and support those who are grieving, and you’ll be fantastic at it. 🙂

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