Book Review: Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

44582454._sy475_TITLE: Regretting You

AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover

PUBLICATION DATE: December 10th, 2019

GENRE: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult, New Adult


Morgan Grant and her sixteen-year-old daughter, Clara, would like nothing more than to be nothing alike.

Morgan is determined to prevent her daughter from making the same mistakes she did. By getting pregnant and married way too young, Morgan put her own dreams on hold. Clara doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her predictable mother doesn’t have a spontaneous bone in her body.

With warring personalities and conflicting goals, Morgan and Clara find it increasingly difficult to coexist. The only person who can bring peace to the household is Chris—Morgan’s husband, Clara’s father, and the family anchor. But that peace is shattered when Chris is involved in a tragic and questionable accident. The heartbreaking and long-lasting consequences will reach far beyond just Morgan and Clara.

While struggling to rebuild everything that crashed around them, Morgan finds comfort in the last person she expects to, and Clara turns to the one boy she’s been forbidden to see. With each passing day, new secrets, resentment, and misunderstandings make mother and daughter fall further apart. So far apart, it might be impossible for them to ever fall back together.

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Colleen Hoover is one of my favorite authors and she is my favorite romance new adult author. I typically don’t love new adult books because of how much sex is in them. (I’m not a prude, it’s just not my thing.) The most recent book I read from Colleen was Verity, which I really disliked. It just didn’t hit the mark for me. So I was pretty nervous picking Regretting You up. Thankfully it felt OG Colleen Hoover and I really liked it! 

There’s two alternating POVs in this book: Morgan who finds out in the beginning of the book that she’s pregnant at 17, and Clara, Morgan’s 16 year old daughter. The first chapter takes place back when Morgan finds out she’s pregnant and the rest of the book is set 17 years later. 

There was a lot of typical Colleen Hoover comedy in this, which is one of the reasons I love her books so much. She’s really good at blending tragedy, angst, and humor.

I think all the grieving and anger in this book was done really well. Especially from Clara’s POV. I was a little annoyed that Morgan blamed all of Clara’s rebellion on Miller even though it was very clearly rebellion based on grief. 

I really don’t want to spoil anything so I’m trying to skirt around things, but I do want to say that Morgan and Jonah are so incredibly strong. I don’t think anyone can truly say what they’d do if they were put in the same position as Morgan and Jonah, but they handled it in an admirable way. The only thing that slightly bothered me is the way Morgan was so against telling Clara everything. I know she wanted to keep Clara’s memories of her father and aunt intact, but I do think she had every right to know the truth. Especially about Elijah. 

I’m rating this 3.5 stars because of a few things. I liked Miller, but I felt like his character was a little bland. I’m not 100% sure why I feel this way because he was a pretty three dimensional character. Something just felt slightly off with him. I did really love Gramps and I’m so glad he made it through the entire book. 

Something else I didn’t super love is that we didn’t get to know very much about Lexie. Maybe that’s intentional so that Colleen can write a sequel with her or maybe a short story, but either way, I wish we could have gotten more of her. 

Also, I love Colleen, but can we PLEASE get some type of queer representation? I totally respect her staying in her lane as a cis straight white woman, but can’t we at least get a lesbian best friend, bi sibling, genderqueer classmate? Just something????

I wouldn’t say this is my favorite Colleen Hoover book, but it’s still a pretty solid read!

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My Rating:



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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

  1. Great reaview! This was a great one but not my fav either as I was frustrated! Now about some LGBTQ representation: I love reading a great LGBTQ book (Birthday by meredith Russo is my favorite of all books this year) but I am totally against authors writing such characters, even side characters, if they don’t feel it. I think being “forced” because it’s hype etc is the worst an author could do as it (nearly) always is done poorly and end up shedding a sad or bad light on the LGBTQ community. But hey that’s onlt my own opinion LOL

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    • I agree with you, actually! But it is a little disappointing when you’re LGBTQ+ and one of your favorite authors act like we don’t exist 😔 I haven’t heard of Birthday, but I just looked it up and it sounds good! Definitely adding it to my TBR! 💜


  2. Orange sucks?!
    Also, I’m so sorry Sam, I often read your posts, but I don’t always have much to say or contribute. I’ve not read a Colleen Hoover book, and tbh I’m not sure this one is for me, but I appreciate all the books you DO review, so that I can get a feeling of whether I think they would work for me!!

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