ARC Review: Reverie by Ryan La Sala


TITLE: Reverie

AUTHOR: Ryan La Sala

PUBLICATION DATE: December 3rd, 2019

GENRE: Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBTQ+

Ryan La Sala’s debut fantasy is an #OwnVoices story following Kane Montgomery, a gay teenager piecing his life back together after an attack robs him of his memories. As Kane searches for who he was, he uncovers a war for the creative rights to reality itself, each battle played out in an imagined world turned real: a reverie.

Reveries are worlds born from a person’s private fantasies, and once they manifest they can only be unraveled by bringing their conflicts to resolution. Reveries have rules and plots, magic and monsters, and one wrong step could twist the entire thing into a lethal, labyrinthine nightmare. Unraveling them is dangerous work, but it’s what Kane and The Others do.

Or did, until one of The Others purged Kane of his memories. But now Kane is back, and solving the mystery of his betrayal is the only way to unite his team and defeat reality’s latest threat: Poesy, a sorceress bent on harvesting the reveries for their pure, imaginative power.

But what use might a drag queen sorceress have with a menagerie of stolen reveries? And should Kane, a boy with no love for a team that betrayed him, fight to stop her, or defect to aid her?

Reverie is about the seduction of escaping inwards, about the worlds we hide within ourselves, and the danger of dreams that come true.

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I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this review. This book was so beautifully original and unique. Reveries are daydreams that have become real, they suck people nearby into them. When this happens, most people are not lucid. They play along with their parts of the daydream without being aware. The Others are a group of teens who stay lucid in the Reveries. They keep the story going as smoothly as they can and then ‘unravel’ them so that everyone stays safe. Each of the Others has a power to help them. I thought this was so cool! It’s so incredibly original! And also huge props to La Sala for creating so many worlds within his story! 

Also there’s so many queer characters!!! Love that. I always want as many queer characters as possible. Something I really enjoyed about this novel was that the villain is a drag queen. She is a villain, but not because she’s queer or a drag queen, but because she’s a genuinely bad person. That was pretty cool. It works and isn’t offensive because the main character, Kane, is gay. While I sympathized with Kane because of how ostracized he was for being gay, I just really didn’t like him? His personality is just so unlikeable, which I feel is very unusual for a main character. He was just so angry and mean to everyone. He threatened to kill the Others so many times throughout the book. He’s probably why I didn’t give this book 5 stars. He annoyed me a lot. 

All the other characters were so awesome though!! They are very three dimensional characters! I especially loved Sophia, Kane’s sister. I really enjoyed their relationship too. It felt like a very organic sibling relationship, which I feel like we don’t get in novels very often. Dean was adorable! I kinda wish we could have learned a little more about his background.

I felt like the action got to be a little too much towards the end. I found myself skimming it more than reading. After all the drama was resolved, though, I really enjoyed the ending.  It felt really natural and peaceful, which was perfect for the tone of the story. 

I liked the originality of this story, though I wish the main character could have been a tad more likeable. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys unique and magical stories! 

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My Rating:



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Are there any incredibly unique books that you just absolutely adore? Let me know below! I’m always looking for new recommendations.

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