Second Book Syndrome: When Book Two Disappoints

Over the years I’ve noticed a trend of me REALLY enjoying a novel and then, often after  months and months of waiting for release, the sequel sorely disappoints me. I honestly couldn’t even put all them in one post because there’s just too many, but I thought I’d put the top ones together.

Small reminder that while I didn’t like these sequels, I know there are people out there that did. And that’s okay! What is not my cup of tea, can be yours! That’s the fun part about reading.

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I’ve read Cinder twice now and each time I’ve loved it. I think it’s such a fun take on Cinderella. The first time I tried to read Scarlet I didn’t even finish it. I was bored with it and didn’t love the characters. I did succeed in finishing it later on, but the characters never really grew on me.divider 2

22328546._sy475_ 23174274I remember devouring Red Queen in one setting. I loved Mare and I loved the typical dystopian set up. It seemed like I had to wait forever for Glass Sword to release, but when it did I found myself not being able to finish it. It was slow and if I remember correctly, Mare annoyed me a lot in it.divider 2

1603423517167166I LOVED Throne of Glass. It was so fascinating to me and I honestly just love the idea of a teenage assassin. I was actually really enjoying Crown of Midnight. Until that death. It seriously ruined the series for me. I stopped reading it and decided not to finish the rest of the series. divider 2

2895418933555224._sy475_I only hopped on the Scythe bandwagon a couple months ago, but man did I love it. It was so refreshing and unique. I loved pretty much everything about it. (You can find my full review here.) Unfortunately, Thunderhead fell below my expectations. It was pretty slow, and I just wasn’t enjoying it. I actually ended up not finishing it. I do plan trying to read it again later and hopefully I’ll enjoy it more then.


What are some sequels you didn’t like? Are there any here you think I should give another shot? With all of them I never finished the series, which I wonder if that was a mistake. I know sometimes series redeem themselves. I’d love to hear your thoughts below!



3 thoughts on “Second Book Syndrome: When Book Two Disappoints

  1. I feel like I’ve been really lucky with sequels lately. I read Find Me (the sequel to Call Me By Your Name) and The Testaments (the sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale), both of which I think I actually enjoyed more than the originals 😲

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