Top 5 Tuesday // Tropes I’ve had enough of

Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly tag hosted by Bionic Book Worm! Please head over and check out her blog!

This week’s topic is tropes I’ve had enough of! There’s so many I actually had to narrow it down!! But here you go! 

1.) Queer girl cheats on her boyfriend/husband with a woman.

This is perhaps my biggest pet peeve in any queer story. Cheating is cheating, I don’t care who it’s with. It’s bad. And it’s something that is in SO many f/f stories.

2.) Love triangles

I suspect this one will be on a lot of lists today and doesn’t really need explaining.

3.) Main character in love with her best friend.

This one is a recent hate for me. It just bothers me SO much that even in fictional stories men and women can’t just be friends. Why does one always have to be in love with the other???

4.) Angst/conflict because of miscommunication.

This one I hate SO much. It mostly happens in romance and it’s almost ALWAYS why there’s conflict. Just! Talk! It’s honestly not that hard I don’t get it.

5.) Bad parenting

It annoys me how in book (mostly YA) there’s hardly any good parents. They’re either conveniently absent most of the book, or dead. The only good parents I’ve read are in contemporary.

Do you hate any of these tropes? Love them? I’d love to hear below!!



23 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday // Tropes I’ve had enough of

  1. I love that most of these are romance based because I’m just sick of romance in general unless it is just wayyyyyy in the back like the b/c/d story line. I can deal with Matthias and Nina because they were gonna kill each other all the way up until… well you know. And Inej and Kaz were hit and miss right till the last page of CK so yea… but even that was almost a little much. I really just want to throw up over any romance not written by Adam Silvera and truth be told I need him to just write by himself because I had to DNF this last book which almost made me cry.

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  2. I agree with your list! The whole cheating plot line is just…i’m sorry but for someone who’s ex husband cheated on them, I no longer find the humor in that or the whole ‘redemption’ from it. It seems so ingenuine to me. And yes, the whole woman cheating on husband with a woman, yeah it still counts! Just saying. Okay rant over lol. Oh and I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES. Over done and no longer interesting to read.

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  4. 100% same to the miscommunication one!!!! Literally my pet hate when it comes to drama.
    I can’t help but love the best friends to lovers trope, I think because I relate to it so much because that was the development of my relationship with my boyfriend. I think it’s a great trope when it’s done well, but it can be very obvious when it feels like a romantic connection is being forced between the two characters!

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    • I just hate the back of forth of ‘will it ruin the friendship’ thing.. Plus, I was someone who grew up with a guy best friend and it was SO annoying how everyone assumes we would end up more than best friends. Jokes on them though, I turned out gay 😂

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